13.9.2019 - Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.73.5586.661 not published on CSM because of problems in updating previous version

Microsoft has released a new version of Microsoft Power BI Desktop (2.73.5586.661). During the CSM testing process we noticed, application won’t start when it's updated from the previous version. 

Because of this problem, we are not going to publish this version on CSM, but we will check the situation again when next version is released. Second most recent version 2.73.5586.561 is still published and it works normally.

What will CSM support team do?

  • This version won't be published on CSM, thus you shouldn't be worried.
  • We will continue monitoring, when a new version released and then publish it on CSM.

What can you do before next release?

  • Relax and enjoy your life 😊.