General Settings

Service status - SCCM integration is basically the power button of CSM for SCCM. CSM only downloads and deploys 3rd party software when it's in Enabled state. As a side note, it's important to understand that disabling the very setting only stops the future deployments but does NOT affect the existing ones.

Logging - Debug logging enables logging for debug purposes.

SCCM information - Reload SCCM information is a function to reload information such as distribution groups in CSM for SCCM.

Service User is the account used to run CSM for SCCM. This service account does the necessary background tasks such as initiating download of the newer 3rd party software versions. The account is defined during the initial wizard but can be changed later.

Task sequences - Add current application versions option can be used to add already imported applications into task sequences. This is useful when implementing task sequences auto update feature and you don't want to wait until next application versions for the automatic update to start.

Server - Server name is selected Remote in order to use a remote server. In this case a valid server DNS name is required.