CSM Cloud for Servers implementation steps

Follow these implementation steps to start your CSM Cloud for Servers trial or take Service immediately in to the production use.

1. Customer Portal

  1. Register or Log in to the Centero Customer Portal.
    If you already have registered to Centero Portal then you can log in using your credentials. If your organization already has a account in Customer Portal, then you need to contact your organization Customer Portal admin user so she/he can create account for you to existing organization. Otherwise register your organization and create account for you.


You will need to have working email account (that needs to be first verified) and have Microsoft organization account, Microsoft personal account or Google account to be able to log in. You will receive two emails during the registration process: first to verify that you can access the specified email address (sent from Centero address) and second to accept invitation to Customer Portal application (sent from Microsoft Azure AD service). You can also create new Microsoft Azure AD tenant during the registration process if desired.


If you need to give access to your organization in the Customer Portal, you can do so by creating additional users in Administration > Users page

2. Order CSM Cloud for Servers Service

  1. Navigate to Order > Centero Software Manager
  2. Select CSM Cloud for Servers
  3. Click Start 30 day trial or Order
    If you want to go in the full version immediately then select order. In full version you can select any Supported Application to Service but you will need to apply credit card information and will be billed for the Service usage.
  4. Finalize the trial/order by accepting General Terms of the Service


If you order the CSM Cloud for Servers Service then make sure you have payment card available in Billing > Payment cards. You can also manage billing reference and contact person in Billing > Service billing settings.

3. Select Supported Applications

  1. In Customer Portal navigate to Services > CSM Cloud for Servers > Administration > Service applications
  2. Activate desired Supported Applications
  3. Click Save to set your activations


In trial phase all Supported Applications are not available for activation!

4. Install CSM Cloud Client Application

  1. Follow the client installation instructions

5. Approve client(s)

CSM Cloud Client uses CSM Cloud client key to register new client to Customer Portal. All new clients must be approved from Customer Portal  before client receives any configurations from CSM Cloud Service.

  1. In Customer Portal navigate to Services > CSM Cloud for Servers > Administration > Clients
  2. Select Waiting for validation node
  3. Select registered CSM Cloud Client(s)
  4. Click Approve button to approve new client(s)


You can select multiple CSM Cloud Clients by holding Ctrl-key down while selecting clients.


After initial approval of registered CSM Cloud Client you can manage approved clients by selecting Clients node.


Deny all registered CSM Cloud Clients that you do not recognize as your organization device!

6. Set CSM Cloud Client groups

  1. In Customer Portal navigate to Services > CSM Cloud for Servers > Administration > Client group management
  2. Select root node from your tree view (your organization name)
  3. Select CSM Cloud Client(s) from the list
    You can select multiple clients if you want to set all selected clients to same groups
  4. Click Set groups
  5. Select groups for the selected client(s)
    You can select multiple groups for the client(s)


It might take even hours from Windows Update Client to start and finalize communication with backend WSUS infrastructure before client is available in Customer Portal for additional management like grouping.