1. After installation is complete, launch CSM for WSUS from Windows Start Menu.

2. Proceed with the wizard by clicking next.

3. CSM for WSUS requires organization specific credentials to connect cloud for managing chosen 3rd party software. Input the credentials and click login. The wizard will now inform of successful login. Proceed by clicking next.

4. CSM for WSUS downloads 3rd party software to a chosen location. Browse for a suitable location and proceed by clicking next.

5. Select the integration type. Since we are installing CSM for WSUS it's obviously the following. Proceed by clicking next.

6. We recommend CSM for WSUS to be installed on the same server with WSUS-component. To do this, check the local server check box. In order to use a remote server in deployment leave the box unchecked and provide host name and port to input fields. After choosing the deplyoment method and confirming a valid WSUS server please proceed by clicking next.

7. At this point the wizard retrieves the WSUS groups. The deployment process for the managed software can be configured. WSUS groups are listed and deployment phases can be selected. By default, these three deployments are scheduled to be effective immeditely, after a week and after two weeks. Proceed by clicking next.

As a sidenote, these settings can be modified later on.

8. The initial wizard is now complete. We recommend to review the defined configuration by choosing No and proceeding to advanced settings by clicking finish. If you feel happy with the configuration the deployments can be started right away by clicking Yes.