Order and Delivery

Ordering The Service

The Customer orders the service via the Management Portal. If the Customer doesn’t have a user ID for the Management Portal, the Customer can get one by registering to the Management Portal. In normal circumstances the Service is available for the Customer immediately after ordering the Service from the Management Portal. 

In problematic situations the Customer must contact the Provider’s support service. 

The Customer can also order the Service from the Provider’s agents. In these cases, the time of delivery must be agreed on when making the order.

The Customer will deploy the Product and the Client software independently, with the instructions provided by the Provider. If needed, the Customer and the Provider can agree on separate terms for support in the product’s technical deployment.

Trial Use

Before purchasing any of the Service’s Products, the Customer can activate it for Trial Use. The Provider shall determine the duration of Trial Use, which normally is 30 days. The Trial Use is activated from the Management Portal.

Preview Use

The Provider can release a Preview version of its new Products. The Customers can get the preview version for Trial Use before the Product is officially available. The Provider has the right to limit the Preview Use for selected Customers.

The Preview version’s features can be different from the officially available version. The Provider determines how long a certain Product is available for Preview Use. The Preview version is activated for Trial Use from the Management Portal.