I added a new collection to a deployment process - why I can't see the new deployment in Configuration Manager?

When you make changes or add new collections to a deployment process in CSM, the changes will not take effect until the next version of the application selected to the deployment process is published by Centero. You can re-import the application to Configuration Manger if you want to deploy the latest version of the application with new settings. 

See instructions for re-importing applications.

How often CSM checks for new application versions?

CSM checks for new application versions between every 30 minutes by default. Press Start download in the homepage of CSM to check and download new versions instantly.

How do I deploy an application only to devices with a previous version installed?

CSM created applications will be installed to all devices or users in a target collection whether or not there are previous versions installed. If you want to install an application only to devices with a previous version installed, create a collection and search for target devices with a query. Use the collection as your main deployment target. 

See instructions for creating collections with an application query.

How can I suggest a new application to CSM's application catalog?

You can suggest new applications from Centero Portal -> Services -> CSM for SCCM -> Administration -> Service Applications. We will evaluate the suggested application and if the application meets our criteria, we will add it to our application catalog.

If the application didn't meet our supported application criteria's, you can still get it by ordering the application as a customer specific application. You can order it from Centero Portal -> Order -> Application Packaging and select Application packaging as a service as packaging type.

Read more about application packaging as a service.

We are moving our environment from Configuration Manager to Intune. Can we use CSM for MECM and CSM for Intune at the same time?

Yes you can.

Can CSM remove old applications automatically from Configuration Manager?

Yes. See instructions for removing old applications.