Centero Software Manager 2.0.5001 is the biggest update of CSM so far, and there are few things to be taken into account. This update changes the login method from previous username and password combination to more safe ID and key combination. Because of the change, you need to login to CSM after the update. You also have to re-login with your CSM service account. See these instructions for more details.

Before updating:

  • Follow these instructions to find ID and key for your environment
  • Check the name of your CSM service account and make sure you have access to its password
  • If you are restricting internet access from CSM server, you need to allow outbound access to gw-eu.software-manager.com (TCP/443) and centerofileshares.file.core.windows.net (TCP/443)

Contact our support before updating CSM if you don't have access to our portal

New features - Configuration Manager integration

  • Added new deployment settings
    • CSM now includes all the same deployment settings as in configuration manager. For example: added ability to allow installation outside maintenance window.
  • Deployment process settings reorganized for added clarity
  • Readiness for self-created custom applications
  • Ability to set maximum and estimated run time for application installation
  • Repair command added on Windows Installer deployment types

Other improvements

  • Improved the method of application media download for added security
  • Application media will be downloaded only when an application is in a deployment process
  • Sign in with ID and key combination
  • Changed SCCM term to MECM
  • Improved UI for updating CSM after new update is offered

Prerequisite changes

  • Allow outbound access to the following addresses: 
    • gw-eu.software-manager.com (TCP/443)
    • centerofileshares.file.core.windows.net (TCP/443)

Fixed bugs

  • Sort application list by download date fixed