Create a new sub customer

Create a new sub customer when you want to create a new CSM environment for the customer. Also sub customers have own management permissions and CSM usage reports in Centero Customer Portal.

  1. Log in (when you already have an account or register to create a new account) to Centero Customer Portal
  2. Verify and change if required, the customer where Centero Customer Portal is connected to and where the new sub customer will be created.
  3. Select 'Administration\New Customer' form menu.
  4. Fill in the sub customer name (Organization name) and the email domain (specify only the domain part). If required change roles for the new sub customer. By default, only the user who creates the new sub customer is granted access to the sub customer (Admin role). You can add additional users to proper roles but make sure that at least one user has admin role for the new sub customer.
  5. Order CSM service for the new customer using these instructions: Order CSM or Start CSM Trial