Pricing And Invoicing

Pricing model

The pricing of the Service is based on the scope of the use. The Pricing model is order-based, and the service is invoiced monthly, based on the actual use of the previous month. The scope of the use is based on, depending on the CSM Product, the number of units, ie. the number of workstations or users targeted in the deployment, and the number of Supported Applications selected in the Service.

In addition, depending on the Product, the pricing can observe a so-called price ceiling that sets a certain cap for the price or a price component.

The valid pricing can be found from the Service’s public web site.

Pricing Criteria

Depending on the CSM Product, the Provider collects the number of the environments, devices, and/or users, used as the basis for the invoicing, from the Customer’s environment. The Customer is responsible for following the instructions and making sure that it’s technically possible to report the number of invoicing units for the Provider’s invoicing.

If it’s not technically possible to collect the invoicing data due to a fault of the Customer, the Service might be limited or disabled. If collecting the invoicing data is not possible, the Service cannot be invoiced, or can be only partially invoiced. This forms a basis for the Provider to terminate the Service Agreement, if the Customer fails to fix the issue within 30 days from receiving a separate request to do so.

If the data needed for the invoicing is not available, the invoicing will be done based on the latest information the Provider has been able to report from the Customer’s environment, and the invoicing will later be adjusted, if necessary.

In case of CSM for SCCM number of billing units will be limited to maximum of number of unique devices in All Desktop and Server Clients collection.

Payment Methods

The primary method of payment is an automatic charge on the Customer’s credit card, should this method of payment be available for the Customer. If not, the Customer and the Provider will agree on an alternative Method of Payment (eg. invoicing).