Deployment is in error status

1. A scheduled deployment can go to Error status.

2. If this is the case. You should ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

Also make sure that the same application is not found in Intune already. Sometimes transferring the installation media to Azure (Intune storage platform) can go wrong. If this is the case, please delete the application from Intune before rescheduling the task.

3. If everything seems to be correctly configured, you can reschedule the task(s) in Error status. This can be done by selecting the task and hitting reschedule button.

4. This opens up a new windows where the task and be rescheduled. Define the specific times if needed or just use the current time and hit Reschedule button.

5. This reschedules the task and it will get a new status in Scheduled Deployments view. After a while the application should appear in Intune and the task status should change to Completed. If the status will change to Error again, please contact the support.

6. It can take up to 30 minutes for jobs to complete.