Update Task Sequence Greyed Out


Task sequence list is greyed out in CSM even though you have a task sequence and a group inside the task.


Solution 1:

Make sure CSM's service account has Operating System Deployment Manager role assigned in Configuration Manager

Solution 2:

Reload Configuration Manager information from SCCM Integration -> SCCM Settings -> General settings tab

Solution 3:

Inspect C:\ProgramData\Centero\Software Manager\Logs\SCCM-Management-errors.log file and see if there are any error messages. 

  • If you can see an error message with status code 2147749890, follow Microsoft's instructions to solve the issue: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/mem/configmgr/cannot-create-mdt-task-sequence
    • After you've completed the repair steps open up Configuration Manager console as a CSM's service user and select Connect via Windows PowerShell. Run the following command and see if you get a list of your tasks Get-CMTaskSequence -fast | Select-object Name
    • Go back to CSM and try Solution 2 again