Intune Tenant Cannot Be Linked In Centero Portal - missing user assignment in Enterprise Application

If you receive the error while linking a tenant to Centero Portal please follow the instructions.

Make sure that the Centero Portal account used with linking can be found in Users and groups of Centero Azure AD Connector (Enterprise Application in Azure AD tenant after consenting the permissions - link to Azure AD Enterprise Applications).

1. Check your account name.

2. Go to Azure AD of the tenant you are linking to Centero Portal. Then go to Enterprise Applications. Search for Centero Azure AD Connector and open it.

3. Go to Users and groups.

4. Now see if the account in step 1 is listed in the Users and groups. If the account is there then this is not the problem. If you cannot find the account in the assignment list please proceed to the next step.

5. Usually this is the case if you are a partner and the linking is done on your own account in the Centero Portal. If the user cannot be found in the directory listing the easiest way is just add the user as guest user to this tenant and proceed.

So, invite the user if needed, select the user and assign it.

6. IMPORTANT! You should now have the same account listed here that you have logged in Centero Portal with. You should be able to link the tenant in Centero Portal now.

7. After the linking is successfully finished the account can be now removed from the Enterprise Application.