Changing Server

If you want to move CSM for SCCM to another server in an existing SCCM environment, you can follow the instructions below. In the case of completely new SCCM environment, you can install CSM for SCCM into the new environment with these instructions.

Existing server

  1. Disable the service from SCCM Integration tab and press Apply.
  2. If you want to use the same deployment processes and their settings, copy "C:\ProgramData\Centero\Software Manager\SCCM\SCCM.xml" file into a temporary location on a new server

New server 

Make sure the new server meets the prerequisites. You can use the same user account and file share as previously.

  1. Download and install CSM for SCCM.
  2. Open CSM for SCCM and go through the initial wizardChoose "No, I start automatic deployments manually later", at the last step.
  3. Close the CSM for SCCM after it opens up automatically.
  4. Copy the SCCM.xml from the old server to the new server into "C:\ProgramData\Centero\Software Manager\SCCM\SCCM.xml".
  5. Launch CSM for SCCM from the start menu and check if all the configurations are valid.
  6. Enable the SCCM integration from SCCM Integration tab and press Apply.