Software tab contains the overview of your CSM for SCCM installation. It includes a list of applications you have selected to your CSM service.

Columns in application list:

  • Software
    • Software name
  • Version
    • Latest version of the application
  • Download Status
    • Status of the application download. Completed status is also a shortcut to the folder containing application's installation files
  • Download Date
    • Date when the latest application version was downloaded
  • SCCM Status
    • Status can be one of the following values
      • Empty - Application is not in any deployment process
      • Error - Application couldn't be imported into SCCM. Read more
      • Import queued - Application is being imported into SCCM
      • Import successful - Application is successfully imported to SCCM and is deployed as configured in the deployment process
  • SCCM Deployment Process
    • Indicates the deployment process in which the application is selected