13.2.2019 - Mozilla Firefox 65.0 will not be published on CSM

Edited on 13.2.2019: Fixed correct link referring to Mozilla's website.


A bug has been found in the newest version of Mozilla Firefox. The bug blocks access to sites, that are using HTTPS. Bug is related to new HTTPS filtering feature with some AV products. Because of the bug, Mozilla has halted deployment of the version 65.0. You will find more info on the Mozilla's website.

Effect on CSM

  • Mozilla Firefox 65.0 won’t be published on CSM.
  • CSM support team will publish fixed version on CSM as usual, after Mozilla releases it.


  1. There's is a bug in the Mozilla Firefox 65.0.
  2. It won't be published on CSM.
  3. When Mozilla releases a stabile version, we will publish it on CSM as usual.
  4. You don't need to do anything but take it easy.