Fixed bugs

  • No bugs fixed

New features

  • Cleanup for SCCM application previous versions (deployments and supersedence clean + retire)
  • Remote installation with SCCM Console only
  • New scheduled task system.

Other improvements

  • Less revisions on SCCM application insert
  • SCCM WMI query performance improvements
  • SCCM supersedence and deployment cleanup will increase client performance
  • SCCM ID based collection, distribution point group and category on settings (rename possible)
  • SCCM new "All active previous versions" superseed type. Good option with cleanup.
  • SCCM deployment email send is now on deployment time  (before it was application insert time)
  • Log for CSM actions in SCCM integration
  • SCCM icon insert problem is now error  (will fail application insert)