New Deployment Process

You can follow these instructions on how to create a new deployment process in CSM for Intune:

  1. In Centero Portal, navigate to Services -> CSM for Intune -> Administration -> Deployment processes page. Select New deployment process
  2. Set a name for the deployment process and select Add
  3. Click on the deployment process name and select application(s) to the deployment process
  4. Go to Deployments tab and select Add
  5. Find the Azure AD group you wish to use as a deployment target. Alternatively, you can use Intune's native All Devices or All Users target groups.
  6. Configure deployment settings and scheduling. Select Add
    • You can find detailed instructions about deployment settings from here
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add additional target groups
  8. Select Start deployment now if you're happy with the deployment process and want to import the application to Intune 
    • In our example we've added pilot and production target groups to the deployment process
    • Pilot group schedule is set to as soon as possible
    • Production deployment is set to start 3 days after the previous step, allowing time for testing