Create Deployment Process

1. Navigate to and then go to Services -> CSM for Intune -> Administration -> Deployment processes.

2. Choose New deployment process, name it and choose Add.

3. Select the newly created deployment process and choose the applications

4. Choose the application to be used in the deployment process and then choose Deployments.

5. Choose Add Group, select the used tenant and search for the group wanted.

6. Select the group and confirm the selection.

7. The portal now prompts for configuration to be set up. Choose the desired configuration for the newly added Azure AD group in the deployment process and choose Add. Repeat this step with desired Azure AD group and configuration if you wish to add different stages for the deployment process for testing e.g.

Wait time is the number of working days for how long the deployment is deferred after a new version of an application has been published.

Notification to is an email address or addresses where notifications should be delivered. The notifications occur when a new applications is published and when the deployment for it is created.

Toast notification delivery can be selected from 3 options: show all, show only when restart needed and hide all.

8. If you wish to create all the deployments to Intune right away choose Start deployment now.