Define Application Group And Forced Update For Available Type Deployment

For this feature to function an additional consent from a Global Administrator is required.

1. Go to Services -> CSM for Intune -> Administration -> CSM Application groups.

2. Choose Create CSM application group and search for an Azure AD group to be used with specific application.

This must be a regular Azure AD group with membership type selected as assigned. The members of this group will be then managed by Centero Software Manager, based on the installation information of the specified application with available type deployment.

3. Select the application of which installation reports will be the group members aligned with.

4. In order to actually utilize this Application Group, it must be used in a deployment process with assignment type of required.

5. Make sure also that your users can install the application via Company Portal. To do this, you can create a deployment process with assignment type available.

  • Exclude your pilot users or devices from available type deployment group