New Application

When you have ordered or selected new application for you Centero Software Manager service, you need to select it to a desired deployment process in CSM. 

1. Open Centero Software Manager and go to "SCCM Integration" tab.

2. Select deployment process you want to use, or create a new one. Choose new application to that deployment process and click "Apply"

3. Go to "Software" tab and click "Start download" or you can wait approx. 30 minutes for application to be downloaded.

4. If you have self-created older versions of chosen application in MECM, you need to remove deployments from those since CSM won't automatically supersede self-created applications.


If import status in error state for new application, you need to click "Retry" from top bar. This is due to application being set in error state if no deployment process was found for it previously.