25.7.2019 - Action needed: Change on Oracle Java licensing

Since Oracle announced, Java will not be free anymore in case of business use, every Centero Software Manager (CSM) customer must notice changed terms of use and makes sure, that Java is used under these terms. 

On Monday 29th of July we will publish the newest version on Java 8 (8.0.2210.11), which also includes security patches. We kindly ask our clients to get familiar with changed terms of use of Java, and after that, make possible changes regarding CSM. Here you can find Oracle’s FAQ regarding the issue.

From CSM management portal you can check, if you have Java enabled in your CSM Service as a CSM supported application. In any case, it’s recommended to check out, how Java is used in your organization. Java applications can be installed in your environment, although it wouldn’t have done in a centrally managed way.

You may find out that:

  1. There’s no need to use Java in your organization at all. In that case, it’s recommended to disable Java 7 and/or Java 8 from CSM management portal or create a service request to our support . It makes sense to remove all Java instances from your environment. If you need any help on this, don’t’ hesitate to contact our customer support
  2. It’s also possible, that in your organization Java is not used in commercial purposes but only in personnel’s private use. In this case you can continue use of Java as before and you don’t need to do any action in the CSM management portal.
  3. If you use Java in commercial manners, like for running line of business applications, you must make sure, that Java is licensed in a proper way. If you need any help in questions related to licensing, you can turn to our partner, Crayon Oy:
     Phone: +358 10 440 8300
     Email: license@crayon.fi 

It’s also possible to disable Java from CSM management portal immediately (or on 28th of July at the latest), that the newest Java version under new terms of use won’t be installed in your environment. This isn’t recommended choice, because information security will be impaired due to the out-of-date version of Java. You should also consider that Java may have been updated to the newest version by the action of end-users or Java auto-update feature.                             

If you have any questions about the issue, don’t hesitate to contact our support.