Windows 10 Update Client Gets Stuck

Windows 10 client tends to get stuck sometimes. We have noticed that the client getting stuck can result:

  • Mouse pointer keep rolling the loading indicator without cease.
  • The updates get stuck in pending state in Windows update client.
  • Windows is reporting that some important security updates are missing.
  • Update related processes can reserve high amounts of resources.

There are many different articles about similar problems. They include various different instructions to solve the problem. We have collected different repairs into a script. The script does the following actions:

  • Clears the WSUS client id from registry.
  • Stops BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and Windows Update Service.
  • Kills the processes linked to services above.
  • Awaits for the processes to stop and unlocking of the necessary files.
  • Clears Windows Update Client logs and cache folders.
  • Re-registers Windows Update client DLL files.
  • Restarts the Windows Update Service again.

The script can be downloaded here.