CSM for MECM - Requirements for platform

Centero Software Manager Integration Client must be installed somewhere on your internal network.

1. CSM Integration Client 

  • Microsoft supported operating system
  • AD domain joined
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x
    • ❗ SCCM 2103 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later
  • MECM Management Console including PowerShell modules for MECM 
  • 100Mb of free disk space for CSM Integration Client
  • Administrative level user account for installation
  • Outbound access to the following addresses:
    • gw-eu.software-manager.com (TCP/443)
    • centerofileshares.file.core.windows.net (TCP/443)


If you are running older version of CSM Integration Client, then allow also HTTP (TCP/80) access to same addresses!

If you are restricting outbound access by IP addresses, you need to allow access to Azure Front Door addresses. See this page for more information

2. CSM applications

  • SMB network share for storing downloaded application installation media


You should reserve at least 50Gb of free disk space on the share. You can use Retired cleanup function in CSM to remove old application medias