CSM 1.0 - Default Deployment Settings

Default deployment settings

This is one of the most important views in CSM for MECM. You can create a default deployment configuration here which will used when a new deployment process is created. The Collections section enables adding, removing and modifying collections in default deployment process.

Selecting a collection from a list populates its Deployment,  Email notification and Scheduling settings.

Deployment settings

Collection name is an imported list of your collections defined in MECM.

Collection type can be used to choose whether collection type is device or user.

Deploy purpose has 3 options: required / available (if the deployment is targeted to an user collection) / available with forced upgrade.

User notification can be set to display all and display in software center only.

Comment can be used as a custom note for deployment. CSM uses date as a comment by default.


Deployment time is depended on when a new 3rd party software version is released and then downloaded. If time is set to immediately deployment will be made right after a new version is downloaded. After option should be used when a specific delay is needed between collections or available / force installations.

Make deployment available is the time when you want to make the deployment available to a collection.

Force installation is the time when you want the deployment to be required to a collection.

Email notifications

You can specify a template for every collection if necessary. Multiple recipients for the email notification system can be added by separating them with semicolon.

Update task sequence on available time (MECM credentials in use must have Operating System Deployment Manager role added & MECM console must be restarted with credentials to confirm PowerShell privileges)

CSM for MECM can be used to update 3rd party applications in task sequences. The task sequence setting is related to the chosen collection. CSM for MECM will deploy the new version to task sequence as soon as the available time of the deployment is reached.

Task sequence name can be selected.

Task sequence group can be selected.