Deployment processes

CSM deployment process defines how applications linked to deployment process are deployed to devices and/or users. Deployment process contains one or more steps that are scheduled. Each step is targeted to single SCCM collection and contain desired deployment steps. Each deployment process step creates SCCM deployment to application. Deployments are created immediately after application has been created to SCCM, but each deployment is sheduled according to scheduled defined in deployment process steps.

Usually deployment processes contain two or three steps. If two steps are used, then then single testing collections is used to verify that new application version works in test computers. If three steps are used then testing is done in two phases, usually technical testing is done first by users who are IT orientated (like IT department users). Second testing step is then targeted to users that are able to test most critical business applications. Then last step in each case is the production deployment.

Time for each deployment process step can be defined using available time and deadline time. Available time specifies when application is available for installation and deadline time specifies when application deployment is forced if user has not started the deployment. Usually from available time to deadline time is two or three days.

Decide how applications should be deployed to devices and/or users. This information is needed after CSM is installed and before applications can be deployed. Find out answers to following questions to create deployment processes:

  • How many test deployments are required before production deployment?
  • Target type for each deployment process step, device or users?
  • Deploy purpose for each deployment process step, available or required?
  • User notification level for each deployment process step, all, Software Center only or none?
  • How much time you want to give to users to install applications before forced deployement (available time)?
  • Email notifications for deployments
    • One email per application, email from each deployment step or both
    • Recipients for each notification
    • Is custom email templates required?
  • Can all applications be deployed with same settings to same collections using same deployment steps?

Following Excel workbook can be used as a template when designing deployment processes. This file can be freely modified to your desing needs. File can't be used to import deployment processes to CSM so this template file is just a tool for the design phase.

Download the Excel fille: Deployment Processes.xlsx