SCCM Configuration

Check and create when needed following SCCM configurations before CSM installation:

  • Distribution Point Groups
    CSM targets deployment content to distribution point groups. Therefore, you need to have at least one distribution point group created in SCCM. You can select distribution point group for each deployment process in CSM so several distribution point groups can be used. Create distribution point groups so, that each application the CSM will deploy, you can select distribution point group that delivers the content to correct distribution points. Usually on distribution point group that contains all distribution points is enough for all applications that CSM deploys.
  • Distribution point groups are created from SCCM console on Administration\Overview\Distribution Point Groups. If required click 'Create Group' toolbar icon to create a new distribution point group

    Specify a name for the distribution point group and then select required distribution point locations where content should be replicated by SCCM whenever this distribution point group is used
  • Collections
    CSM targets deployments to collections. Therefore you need to have collections where you target application deployments according to specified deployment processes. Deployment processes can include one or more applications and one or more deployments steps. Deployment process steps are used for creating testing deployments before production deployment. Create collections that contain correct devices or users for each deployment process step. Collections are created on SCCM console on Assets and Compliance\Overview\User and Assets and Compliance\Overview\Device Collections.

    Collection members can be managed manually on SCCM console or members are included based on SCCM database information, like AD OU location of the object, AD Group memberships, inventory information collected from devices. Collections can also include or exlude members that are members of other collections. This can be used to exclude some computers from deployment processes.
  • Application root folder
    CSM application will create new folder structure to SCCM \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications. You can specify the root folder name that will be create under Applications. All applications added by CSM will be created under this root folder. By default, the root folder named 'Software Manager' will be created but this can be changed.